Cupcakes Galore!

The winter is almost over, I hope and Spring is certainly on it's way.  These past couple of months I have been working on brightening up my studio a bit with a colourful display of ceramic cupcake cups. I had the idea just before Christmas and things had been just so busy that I didn't get the chance to start them until February. So here are the photos of my most recent creations in clay!

These are photos of the unfinished work after hand-carving and painting.

Here they are after being clear glazed and fired for the second time.

These are great for catching small items on your counter or dresser OR give it as a gift to a friend filled with a cupcake, dessert or maybe just your favourite candy!

Day 1 Ottawa Guild of Potters Spring Sale

Today starts the bustle and excitement at The Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.  Dozens of potters and artists roam the floor setting up their wares in a beautiful setting in the lower level.  If you haven't seen the building or the fabulous display of work by the Ottawa Guild make this a weekend to remember and come on down, you may be surprised by what you see!

The first day of Spring???

It's coming quickly, the big pottery sale at The Shenkman Arts Centre starts in just 3 weeks!  It is the annual "Spring" sale. I emphasize spring as here in Ottawa Spring has not yet sprung.  I am hoping that by then the snow will be almost gone if not gone altogether.  One difficult task will be putting out those lawn signs in a still frozen ground. Let's hope Mother Nature has some sympathy on us and gives us a quick spring thaw:)

Meantime, there are over 50 potters working their fingers to the bone in preparation for the anticipated 4 day long exhibition and sale of beautiful handmade products.  If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Ottawa it is definitely worthy of your time.  There will no doubt be a great selection for all tastes.

Here are just a couple of photos of some of my cups. My suggestion is that these would be a cute way of serving up your desserts.  Just a bit of sweet inspiration!


Ottawa Guild of Potters Spring Show and Sale

This is my first sale of the year.  I am excited to have some new products for the show. If you're not in Ottaawa stay tuned as I will be posting some photos shortly.

Poof, another year gone!

Poof, where did that go?  It's true that the older you get the faster time passes.  Or perhaps "time flies when you're havin' fun."  Whatever is the case for you I hope the scenario is a happy one :)  This year I turned, wait a minute, what year IS this anyway?  Thought for a second I was gonna....

It's 2013, I can't believe it.  Just as I'm sure many of you can't.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all concerned about the big Y2K disaster!  It's amazes me how technology progresses. In 2000  I had a honkin' big cell phone that today looks like it came from the 70's.  Todays' technology has to be "thin,"  no surprise there! Thin is what's in, thin cell phones, thin notebooks, thin laptops and thin pocket books after all the bills come in!

Speaking of thin, how many of you have made those crazy New Year's resolutions to become a new thin you in 2013?  Not me, but I have resolved to eat better and get more active. If the weight comes off, bonus!!  I just wish that I could say "poof, where did those pounds go?"

Anyway, 2012 has been an interesting year in our household. Two girls that just aren't girls anymore! They have become beautiful young women with university degrees and agendas all their own. Can you tell I am a very proud mother?  But my role as mother is changing and to tell you the truth it's a tough one to figure out.  At this point I am quite sure I need my kids more than they need me. But thanks to a little cocker spaniel named Molly there is always someone around to talk to, feed and pick up after!! Who is also willing to cuddle :)

Last but not least, the pottery studio has seen it's share of fun AND disasters in 2012!! The small one bedroom studio has become a bit crowded with shelving, glazes, books and clay templates in different stages of progression. Some time was needed to dig through the clutter and get rid of some wheel- thrown mishaps to start fresh.  Hopefully with the gained experience of 2012, there will be less disasters and more fun happening in 2013. I will continue to share some photos of the things I am currently working on and for those interested, I am hoping to open up on on-line store shortly. Stay tuned and have a great year!

Bazart, Dec 1 and 2 at the Shenkman Arts Centre

This weekend there is a lovely sale of handmade craft happening at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans. I will be participating within the Gloucester Pottery School location with other professional and student potters. You will find my work displayed amongst many other potters' work. We will not have our own displays. The hours for the sale are 11-5 both days.  I will be at there at 11am - 1pm.

Hope to see you there!

Now available in London, Ontario

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My carved pottery, the Floating Leaf line, has recently been added to work available at Gift of Art in London Ontario!!  Time to celebrate!!

It's a great little spot on Richmond St.  If you live in the London region stop by and see some great work by Ontario artists as well as artists from around the country.  The shop is small but there is just so much to look at! It's a treasure trove just waiting to be explored. If you like to hunt for handcrafted for Christmas this is a delicious place to start AND finish!

Products from my Floating Leaf line that are available:

-plates and bowls which are great for those who like to present your dips and appetizers with a touch of class
-mugs for those who enjoy savouring the flavour in a special "handmade creation"
-handleless cups for tea or any other hot or cold beverage you may be serving your guests this holiday season
-candy dishes
-serving bowls
-tea light holders

These items may also be available at Devon House Craft Shop on Duckworth St. in St. John's or order them from me directly,

Hope you are blessed this Christmas season!

Christmas Craft Sale

Saturday, October 27, 9 am to 3 pm, 
Portobello Manor,  Orleans

My first sale of the season is at Portobello Manor on Rue Valin Street in Orleans, the east side of Ottawa. It's very easy to find. If you take the 417 east to the 174. Keep driving through to the Trim Road exit, turn right at the traffic lights. Continue on Trim, to the 3rd set of traffic lights, turn right onto Portobello. Portobello Manor is on the corner of Portobello and Valin with the entrance on Valin.

When I have more information on subsequent sales I will update then.

If you drop by let me know you've seen my blog. See you there!

Christmas items.

It's the time of year that the autumn colours are spectacular! The air is fresh AND cool. It's a great time of year to get outside before the temperatures start to dip and we need an extra layer of clothing.

It's also the time, if not past the time, for artisans everywhere to increase christmas production! It may not interest some to talk about Christmas before Halloween is over but I'm not in that boat! As a matter of fact I think I'm a little off the mark. I have a sale to attend next weekend and I can't believe I'm already behind in my production! Luckily for me it is at a small venue so I believe I will have plenty of product available. Needless to say, I will have to pick up the pace a bit for the next 3 weeks. By the time the middle of November rolls around, the Christmas sales are in full gear and I don't want to stall!

With that said, here are a couple of pictures of items that came straight from the kiln today. I really need to set things up right and get more professional with my picture taking. So please forgive me for dark photos. Hopefully I will get time to take some more photos(and better photos) of the work as it gets fired.

Blue Skies

Today was a blue sky day. I'm not sure if you know, I LOVE blue sky days! I would guess most of us do. And I'm guessing that only a farmer that hasn't seen rain would love any other kind!

My blue sky day was a very productive one and usually are. A walk in the fresh fall air with Molly, my cocker spaniel, produced a much needed boost of energy.
Energy + blue sky = successful creation :)

After speaking with Shannon at the Craft Council Shop in St. John's, NL I realized that my stock was low and they needed more of my pottery.  This is always a good thing! So I purchased some clay and started to work. Floating Leaf bowls are one of the items I love to make so I started with these. Then mugs and today tea bowls were on the agenda. If you are hoping to pick up some of these they should make their way to St. John's sometime in October.

I am always available for custom orders. Just send me an email or a facebook note and we can get it done!

Have a great blue sky day even if you don't have a blue sky.


Sea kayaking in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland

One of the things I found in Newfoundland was a great place that offers adventures in sea kayaking. I've wanted to try this for years!! Finally got up the nerve to do it. It started out to be a great day and we were told that the wind would be at our backs and it would make for a beautiful day. Well we were only past our first few spots on the tour and we had to cross the harbour and the wind had picked up and WASN'T at our backs! We were a small group of just three boats, including the tour guide's boat. Paddling up hill against the wind!!! Boy was that hard. OOps, did I say up hill? Oh well it felt that way!!

It was definitely a trip to remember. We tried uni, the insides of a sea urchin. a delicacy I was told, but as you see by my face in one of the photos it was not to my taste. We took turns heading into a narrow cave. The walls below the water level were covered in star fish. I grabbed a couple to bring back with me:) We paddled under a small waters falls and the rest of the trip was all up hill! We paddled out to the area where the kayakers are usually picked up by boat and brought back to the wharf. The sea was exceptionally rough and we had to row back into the harbour to find a spot that was more calm so we could climb into the larger boat. Actually, even though the waters were rough I had a great time. The guides were super and we got into the boat with no problem whatsoever!

The tasty sea urchin face!!

Stan Cook Sea Kayaking is the name of the company. Stan has many years of experience. It is in Cape Broyle which is located just south of St. John's(about an hours drive from the city).  If you are in the area it's a great adventure!

Entering the cave.

Capt. Cook bringing us back in to the wharf.